About me

IMG_3735Hello there! If you’re reading this, you’ve arrived at my website, nicksamuelson.com. I’m Nick Samuelson, and I’m currently a senior political science student at North Dakota State University. I will be attending the University of North Dakota School of Law beginning in the fall of 2016. I grew up in Fargo, ND and graduated from Judge Ronald N. Davies High School. My interests include music, writing, fishing, spending time with my friends and beautiful fiancée, politics, reading, and live sound reinforcement.

I started playing the electric guitar when I was twelve years old, and it’s been a passion of mine ever since. I’m a tone freak and total gear nut. I love spending hours researching the latest gear and seeing which of my favoritTelecasterMarche artists are using what equipment. In high school I played in the jazz band, which got me into composing for young jazz musicians. I offer a couple simple jazz head charts free of charge on this website so young jazz musicians can learn and advance their skills. In addition to jazz, I also enjoy rock, funk, blues, bluegrass, and my absolute favorite: country music.

In high school I also became an advocate for individual liberty and limited government. I’m primarily influenced by the writings and political action of now-retired 12-term Congressman Ron Paul. If you read through my blog, you’ll be sure to see some of my libertarian ramblings.

I want to thank my God for saving me by sending his one and only son Jesus Christ to die for me. I’m not perfect, or even a great Christian, but that’s why He died for me and I am eternally grateful.


4 thoughts on “About me

  1. Nick, you commented on my blog remarks about Google and about Ron Paul about a week ago, and now I am visiting your pages. I am pleased to know that you are so musical– I too picked up my first guitar (a beautiful old Gibson acoustical) in about 1952 from a pawn shop in South Philadelphia. I had saved money for a guitar after borrowing a cheap one from a friend and teaching myself some chords. I think I tried out all the Martins and Gibsons in Philly on that trip, and I went back to re-try my favorites. For forty dollars I bought my prize. About 15 years ago I was told by a restorer who was replacing the ivory pegs that my guitar is now worth about 4300 bucks. Wow.

    I recently gave it to my grandson, who is about 34 now and very musical. My fingers are arthritic and can’t do the instrument justice any more.

    So you and I have Sibelius and guitars and music in common, as well as a concern about where the internet is going. Nice to meet you, and keep on keeping on! You sound like a really gifted person. Susan Holland

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