2018 Was the Best Year Yet; 2019 Will Be Even Better

At a New Year’s Eve party last year, my friends and I went around the table discussing what we hoped to accomplish in the coming year. When my turn came, I said I didn’t expect much. Twenty eighteen couldn’t conceivably contend with its predecessor. In 2017, I finished my first year of law school, I took my first internship in a prosecutor’s office, and I got married. How could that be topped?

Twenty eighteen exceed expectations in every way.

New Hobbies

Riding the ‘Tour de Lake’ in Detroit Lakes, MN
In May, I bought a used Bianchi road bike and took up cycling. Read more

Trying Something New: Using an iPad for Law School

I bought my MacBook Pro six and a half years ago when I was starting college. At the time, it was state of the art. That was before I contemplated going to law school. It has served me well but it is starting to show its age. The battery life is shortening and the charging cable is getting frayed. Apps don’t start up as quickly as they once did and they are laggy when they do. I would love to upgrade to a new laptop but I simply cannot afford one at this stage in my life.

Lately, I’ve been contemplating whether an iPad would serve my needs in law school. Read more

Ernest Hemingway

Last Christmas a very close friend gave me copy of Ernest Hemingway’s The Old Man and the Sea. He told me he thought that I would really enjoy it. At that point, one semester into law school, I hadn’t read anything for my own enjoyment in months. I hadn’t read fiction for my own enjoyment in years. Unfamiliar with Hemingway’s writing and not knowing what to expect, I cautiously paged through the first few chapters. What I found truly surprised me. Read more

It’s Been a Crazy Month…

In the month of May, I’ve…

  • Directed the Davies Pep Band at the USCA Midwest High School Regional Croquet Tournament
  • Played the national anthem on guitar at the same event (Jimi style!)
  • Played at the Cass County Youth Commission “Rock For Wishes” Battle of the Bands fundraiser for Make a Wish
  • Performed with my jazz combo at a Mother’s Day brunch
  • Played with my new band, Mix Theory at the Fargo Marathon
  • Played my last high school jazz concert ever (with guest artist Allen Carter!)
  • Received the Louis Armstrong Award for jazz

In the midst of all of this, I haven’t written a single blog post here in the month of May until now. I have two more days of high school left. Next Sunday, I graduate. Three months from yesterday I move in at the residence halls at MSUM. Now that the craziness of this month has died down temporarily, I look back and I’m humbled by the amazing talented people I’ve had the privilege to play with over the past couple years in jazz band. I’m incredibly honored to receive the Louis Armstrong award, but also humbled by the talent of those around me who remind me I still have so much to learn. I’m sad it’s all basically over, but looking forward to an exciting new chapter and the incredible new things I’ll learn as I’ll be studying music education in the fall at MSUM.

Thank you so much to Stephen Anderson, Jenny Sun, Dan Schuster, Garrett Hoy, Karan Saravana, Kathleen Marsh, Payson Wallach, Mr. Leeman, Allen Carter, Nick Fryer, Mr. Syverson, Mr. Tafelmeyer, and the countless others who have inspired me over the past couple years and have taught me so much about jazz music.