At a New Year’s Eve party last year, my friends and I went around the table discussing what we hoped to accomplish in the coming year. When my turn came, I said I didn’t expect much. Twenty eighteen couldn’t conceivably contend with its predecessor. In 2017, I finished my first year of law school, I took my first internship in a prosecutor’s office, and I got married. How could that be topped?

Twenty eighteen exceed expectations in every way.

New Hobbies

Riding the ‘Tour de Lake’ in Detroit Lakes, MN
In May, I bought a used Bianchi road bike and took up cycling. I’ve really enjoyed my new hobby. As of writing this, I’m just shy of 800 miles on the year. I’m hoping to eclipse 800 by year’s end. The highlight of my year in cycling was riding a 100 km route with my dad in September. That was a challenge.

My wife got me a beer-making kit from Brooklyn Brew Shop for my birthday. The first batch turned out great and I’m now on batch #4. She hates the smell on brew day so she may have created a monster.

Career Milestones

In the well of the North Dakota Supreme Court

Most of my 2018 milestones came working in my summer-turned-year-long legal internship with the local prosecutor’s office. It’s my dream job and the experience has been nothing shy of incredible. In my time there, I’ve won two jury trials, argued at the state Supreme Court four times, and done a ton of writing. I know I picked the right career because I love my work.

Didn’t fish much but caught great fish

21” walleye on a jig on the Otter Tail River

For the last five years, I have spent a lot of time fishing. I didn’t have a lot of free time this year (or if I did, it was spent on new hobbies) so I didn’t bet out much. However, I did catch some fantastic fish this year. One highlight was a personal best largemouth bass that ran 21″ and about 5 lbs. Unfortunately, I didn’t snap a picture. I also caught a handful of walleyes, sunfish, and crappies. Despite the small number of fishing trips, it was a good year.


Twenty eighteen was unforgettable, but I won’t underestimate the coming year. In 2019, I’ll graduate from law school. I’ll start a judicial clerkship at the state Supreme Court. I’ll put a whole bunch of miles on my bike and catch a whole bunch of fish. Who knows what kinds of memories will be made in the coming year? I can’t wait to find out.


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