Why Practice?

Practice! Practice! Practice!

I’ve been in the biggest rut for the longest time. Ever since I quit being a music major, my guitars have for the most part been unplayed. Sure I bring them out to band practice and shows so it’s not like I wasn’t playing at all, but not nearly enough. I could hear it in my playing. I’ve been falling back on the same bag of tricks for too long. So today that stops. I pulled out my books, plugged in the guitar, and sat down with a metronome and just practiced. It’s not instantly gratifying, but the goal of being a better musician excites me.

My motivation?

I somehow stumbled across this video about a church drumming seminar. I’m not really a drummer, but it caught my attention and even though it was really just a promo for an event, I did take away some useful wisdom (I wish I could have gone to this event!). I realized that my ability to play guitar is a gift from God, and if I’m just ignoring that, accepting my current ability, and not striving to improve, then what am I doing? If we are to be the hands and feet of God, we’re to always aim for the best. So, from here on out, I’m gonna keep getting better. Always. Complacency is not an option when serving the Lord.


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