I Don’t Want to Drink. Leave Me Alone.

I’m a recent college freshman. I’m not surprised that there is so much drinking prevalent here at the university, but I’m surprised as to some of the people I’ve known for so long that have succumbed to it. Also, it surprises me how judgmental they are about my and others’ choice to abstain from underage drinking. They call us judgmental, prudes, “no fun”. They tell us to loosen up and enjoy this “necessary” part of the college experience. I find that to be rather hypocritical. Yes, I realize this is college. Yes, people are going to drink. I’m not shocked by this. They’re not any worse of people to me for doing so. I’m not being the judgmental one here.

So to the college drinkers out there, go out and enjoy yourselves. All I ask is that you do not pressure me or the ones I care about to compromise our values for what you want us to do. I, and many others have scholarships we wouldn’t like to lose, schools we would like to still be admitted to, and public images and criminal records we would like untarnished for the future job market. Don’t make the hypocritical statement that I’m judging you for what you choose to do. Don’t judge me for choosing not to. I don’t want to hear it again.

To those abstaining with me, take a stand. We’ve got reasons not to. We’re making responsible choices for our future, and that’s something to be proud of. Also, let’s not be judgmental of those who choose to drink. That is their decision, one we cannot influence. We can only control our own decisions. Stand by your personal values, and I’ll stand with you.


One thought on “I Don’t Want to Drink. Leave Me Alone.

  1. I seriously cannot agree with you more! tbh i never liked the taste of alcohol but like what everybody says, sometimes you drink because that’s just what you do when you go out. I remember having been peer pressured into drinking during freshers week, i guess i just didn’t want to feel excluded. But i really hate it when I tell people that i dont like alcohol and then give you that look as if there was something seriously wrong with you. AND i also really hate when i’m taking it slow on the drink and people keep going ‘finish it! hurry!’ it’s like…why? you’ll be surprised to see how many people feel annoyed with others judging them about not drinking, check out my campaign page http://www.facebook.com/listencampaign maybe you could share your message!

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