We Love You, Iran & Israel!

This makes me happy. It goes to show that no one wants war—not Iranians, not Israelis, no one. We hear it all over the news, politicians talking about these “preventative” wars we should or shouldn’t push ourselves into. Unfortunately, they’re merely political. The Israeli people, as you can see in this video, don’t want to bomb Iran. You can also see that the Iranian people returned the message that they don’t want to bomb Israel. No one likes war, but politicians. It gets them elected, and it helps them stay in office once they’re there. Watch this video and share it with your friends. There’s also a fundraising effort to get this message out to larger numbers of people, so check that out as well!



2 thoughts on “We Love You, Iran & Israel!

  1. Love what you wrote about this! I can’t believe how fast it spread from last weekend to just about every corner of the world. Some people have been quick to criticize it usefulness, but I think the importance of connecting the people with others can transform a large dialogue for our communities. I hope that people keep opening their hearts to one another and realizing that no one wants this war. At least, the people behind these governments. ❤

    1. Thank you for your comment! I’m so glad this movement has picked up so much momentum. Finally, people are coming together to let the governments know that we don’t want war! Thank you 🙂

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