Ron and Carol Paul in Fargo, ND on Super Tuesday: March, 6th 2012

Ron Paul made his speech today at the Republican Caucus in Fargo, ND, which I attended. I arrived at about 4:30, though the event began at 5:30. My group of fellow Paul supporters and I went and got stickers, then we walked into the room in which Dr. Paul would be speaking. We didn’t know we were supposed to have press passes to be in there that early, but it did guarantee us a spot at the front! We stood so close we could touch him!

Unfortunately however, Rick Santorum won the state of North Dakota, which I find a little unbelievable. The place was packed with Ron Paul supporters, so I don’t know if they all voted or not. They have no excuse not to, as North Dakota is one of the most open caucus states, not requiring voter registration, or party membership. I voted for Ron Paul, of course.

I went back for the post-caucus party where results would be announced, because it was announced that Ron Paul would be sticking around and speaking at that, but I found out after a while of sitting around there, that he had already left. The Associated Press did interview me while I was waiting for the post-caucus, and that was kind of cool. You can find the article here. I was ultimately disappointed that I didn’t get to see Ron Paul make a second speech at the post-caucus party, and even more disappointed that he didn’t win North Dakota.



Watch Representative Ron Paul’s full Fargo, ND speech here:


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