Come see Ron Paul speak at the Fargo, ND Caucus - Tuesday, March 6th @ The Ramada Plaza Suites Crystal Ballroom. Fargo-Moorhead for Ron Paul 2012

I was quite excited to go vote in the North Dakota caucus on Tuesday just as a supporter of Ron Paul and his views, but when I found out this evening that Ron Paul would actually be coming to my hometown of Fargo, North Dakota and speaking at the caucus site, I couldn’t contain my excitement! This is incredible! I went to see Mitt Romney speak last thursday, and I was disappointed that Ron Paul didn’t make a campaign stop in Fargo during his stops in western ND, but he has now announced that he will!

Tuesday at 5:30PM, Congressman Ron Paul will be speaking at the Ramada Plaza Suites Crystal Ballroom, the site of the ND GOP Caucus in Fargo. You don’t need to be a registered republican to vote in North Dakota, so I encourage everyone of any party to come out and hear Ron Paul’s principle message of liberty and smaller government, as stated in the United States Constitution. Get there early! Let’s fill the place with people who believe in liberty!


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