Some Week 1 FAWM Favorites!

Stick Boy (@tomski)

Stick Boy (@tomski): “A Fine Day For A Bike Ride”

The instrumentation on this song is just cool. A ukulele and banjo hold down the chords in the background as a glockenspiel covers a melodic line over the vocal. Genius. This guy has a real sense of melody. On top of the aforementioned instruments, acoustic guitar, tambourine, pillow, egg shaker, and bells are present making for a very cool arrangement. The whole piece is just brilliant!

Desiree (@amusia)

Desiree (@amusia): “The Lobotomobile”

I’m a sucker for some good jazz saxophone, and this song has got it. The swing melody in the beginning section is just infections. Creepy, but catchy lyrics catch your ear and pull you in to listen until the song is through. Desiree did a really great job blending bizarre with fun in her lyrics. Listen for a twist at the end both musically and lyrically! A great way to top it all off!


oddbod (@oddbod

oddbod (@oddbod): “I Was Wrong”

Oddbod’s delivery of this track is smooth as silk. His slick acoustic jazz guitar is layered with sampled piano and vibraphone noodling over the top to add just enough to keep it interesting, but not too much to clutter it. The vocals are subdued and add perfectly to the gentle, lounge jazz vibe of the piece.

msommers (@msommers)

msommers (@msommers): “In the Light” 

The perfect clarity of the opening guitar lick totally draws you into this shining pop song which is somewhat reminiscent of The Byrds’ mid-60’s folk rock period (see “Mr. Tambourine Man” – 1965). The guitar hooks are backed up by a higher octave glockenspiel line to add to the sparkle of the song, very nicely accenting already brilliant lines.



Rick Amorphis (@rickamorphis)

Rick Amorphis (@rickamorphis): “Caught by the Sound”

This is hands down one of the best true rockers of those I’ve heard in any FAWM before. Screaming guitar riffs open it up and will make you drop what you’re doing and bust out your air guitar and get your rock hands up as soon as you hear it, and it won’t be long until head banging follows! This one is a very, very cool tune!



radioovermoscow (@radioovermoscow)

radioovermoscow (@radioovermoscow): “Magic For Sale” 

Keeping on the topic of epic FAWM rockers, this guy by the name of “Radio Over Moscow” whipped up a fuzzed-out, garage rock masterpiece with “Magic For Sale.” I don’t know what it is about this song, but the main riff just makes me wanna get up out of my desk chair, shove aside the work and rock out!


Today marks the end of week one of FAWM 2012, and though I’m just a bit behind, I’ve taken some time to listen to some songs by other FAWMers and there are some amazing tunes out there already in just the first seven days! This list is a few of my favorites, but this list is by no means all-inclusive! Check back for more awesome songs throughout the rest of the month!


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