FAWM 2012 Website

I posted last week about FAWM 2012 coming up, but at that point the site was still under construction and hadn’t launched yet for this year. Well the wait is over because as of sometime yesterday, the site is live and there is already a handful of lively discussions going on in the forums. Also, to build the anticipation until the beginning of February, they’ve included (as always) a countdown timer until it all begins. As I’m posting this, there are just under 16 days left until FAWM.

Now that the site is back open, users can access the writing tools page, a helpful suite of web apps to help you when you’ve succumbed to writers block. I discussed the basic functions of each of the tools in my previous post, so I won’t reiterate that entire bit. They’re pretty self explanatory anyway, so go try them out, even if not writing a song, they’re pretty entertaining in their own right.

Also open again to the public after the relaunch of the site is the merch/donations page. You can buy T-shirts, mugs, guitar picks, stickers, and the FAWMpilation CDs that I also referenced in the previous post. On top of things to buy, you can just be a generous soul, and make a donation to the site to off write some of the costs of running a site of 5896 users and counting!

So that’s all from me, I’m excited for FAWM, and if you write songs, you should be as well! Go on, if you’re not already signed up, give it a whirl! What have you got to lose? All you’ve got to gain are a bunch of songs and cool new online friends! I feel like I’ve done this ending in a previous post I’ve referenced too many times, so I will cut off my rambling here. Thanks for reading, and happy FAWMing!


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