How did I not see the brilliance in these three siblings sooner? I didn’t care for the song “If I Die Young” when it first hit country radio, but gradually it grew on me, but I still wasn’t impressed by The Band Perry. The hit single that followed, “All Your Life” has something just beautiful and irresistible in the melody that makes me keep listening to it over and over. Anyway, since a lot of country, and well, any popular musicians are very “studio enhanced” *cough* fake *cough*, I didn’t have much faith that they would be any good performing live, but I stumbled across these videos from last year at Oceanway Studios in Nashville, and they’re brilliant. The harmonies are really what stand out to me. They’re so perfect, and so is the sparse instrumentation. It’s significantly less than on the record, yet you likely won’t notice. Anyway, enjoy!

I’m also very excited for next summer, July 11th to be exact, The Band Perry will be coming to Fargo for the Red River Valley Fair, so I’ll get to see them live!


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